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 Role Playing (RP) Rules

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PostSubject: Role Playing (RP) Rules   Sun Jun 17, 2012 12:22 am

As with the forum's main set of rules, I will refrain from a long list of rules unless my hand is forced. The astericks show where additional comments have been added.

1. No scenes may contain (highly) sexual behaviour unless allowed by a staff member.*
2. Try to refrain from long scenes of romance. From past experience, it does get old.**
3. Try to maintain proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation in respect for your fellow RPers.
4. Since others may not understand it, avoid text-speak.
5. If you use a language other than English for a post, give a translation.
6. When posting, try to keep between 2 and 6 paragraphs. That way your post may be responded to, but it does not dominate the entire scene.

You should check out this link before posting, it's quite helpful: (thank you Helskyth for finding it again)

*I am really not sure why I am saying you can get it approved since, let's face it, you probably won't get it. If you want to RP in such a manner, I can recommend you to another site as I'd rather not have it here.

**This actually helped to kill an RP I was in before, so that's why that is there.

Check out my other stuff at:

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Role Playing (RP) Rules
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